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These specific conditions (“Special Terms”) apply to the parking pre-booking service, provided by Aimo Park Finland Oy (“Aimo Park”) to customers (“Customer”), available in an online and mobile environment or on third-party websites such as Satamapark.fi (“Pre-Booking Service”). Helsingin Satama Oy is Aimo Park’s partner, on which premises the Pre-Booking Service is provided.

In addition to these Special Terms, the Pre-Booking Service is subject to the general terms and conditions of Aimo Park (“Terms of Use”) and any additional instructions provided by Aimo Park at any time. The Terms of Use are available at https://www.aimopark.fi/en/customer-support/terms-and-conditions-stp/
By using the Pre-Booking Service, the Customer agrees to comply with the Terms of Use and with these Special Terms. In case of discrepancies between the Special Terms and the Terms of Use, these Special Terms shall primarily be applied. Use of the Pre-Booking Service without accepting and understanding of the applicable terms is prohibited.

The expressions used in these Special Terms have the same meaning as those in the Terms of Use unless a specific term is explicitly defined in these Special Terms.


1. Formation of contract

Customers can book parking space for their vehicle in certain specified car parks operated by Aimo Park (“Pre-Booking”): Satamaparkki car park in West Harbour or Olympiaparkki in South Harbour. Pre-Booking is made via the Satamaparkki.fi online service. An agreement is established between Aimo Park and the Customer for Pre-Booking Service when the Customer has finished the booking process and has paid the booked parking. The Pre-Booking is valid from the moment at which the Customer receives confirmation of the Pre-Booking.

When Customer has received the confirmation of the Pre-Booking, Aimo Park is obliged to provide the Customer with a parking space for the period and in the parking area specified in the Pre-Booking. Customer may park the vehicle in any free parking space to which the Customer is entitled under the booked parking product. For theSatamaparkki car park in West Harbour, a premium – and premium + - booking is available. In West Harbour Satamaparkki car park these have separately marked spaces. A Customer who has booked a basic parking space may park in any parking space which has not been designated as reserved for other specific use. Customers cannot book a specific parking space.

In Olympiaparkki, the Customer can make a basic and basic+ - booking. Basic+ spaces can be found in the D-section of the car park and are designated for electric charging spaces. A Customer who has booked a basic parking space may park in any parking space which has not been designated as reserved for other specific use. Customers cannot book a specific parking space.

2. Pre-booking

Pre-booking is made at the Satamaparkki.fi online service, where Customer chooses the desired parking area, parking product and the time and duration of the parking. The price of the parking is determined by the selected parking area, parking product, and the duration of the parking.

When the Pre-Booking has been paid, the Customer will receive from Satamaparkki.fi confirmation that the Pre-Booking has entered into force. The confirmation will be sent to the email address specified by the Customer in the Pre-Booking. If the Customer does not receive confirmation of the Pre-Booking, the Customer must contact the customer service to ensure the validity of the Pre-Booking. Contact details for customer service: controlroom@aimopark.fi and tel. no. 0204812410.

Customer may cancel the booking process at any point prior to paying the Pre-Booking.

3. Prices and payment

Prices for the Pre-Booking are indicated in euros (EUR) and they include VAT.
The price indicated at the time of booking is valid only for that particular Pre-Booking. Aimo Park reserves the right to change the prices at any time.

Customer shall pay for the entire parking time when making the Pre-Booking. The Pre-Booking can be paid with Visa, Visa Electron or MasterCard cards. Card payments are transmitted by Nets Denmark A/S, Finnish Branch, Business ID: 2858201-4, Industrial Street 21, FI-00510 Helsinki. After the payment is made, the Pre-Booking is binding for the parties. Aimo Park does not refund unused Pre-Bookings to the Customer, except for the situation described in section 5 below.

If the Customer drives out of the car park before the end of the booked parking period, Aimo Park shall not refund the Customer for the unused parking time.

If the reserved parking time is exceeded, the Customer must pay the excess in accordance with the currently valid parking price list. At the Satamaparkki car park the difference shall be paid in the Taskuparkki-application or to a parking machine. If the Customer does not make the above referred payment, an invoice for the parking is sent to the Customer. A billing fee of EUR 5,00 (incl. VAT) is added to the invoice. At Olympiaparkki the only payment option is subsequent invoicing. Parking is supervised. To use the invoicing service, the car’s owner-/holder information must be available in the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom. Otherwise, the parking must be paid with the mobile app or in the web application within 48 hours. A 5 EURO administrative fee is charged for the collection of a due parking payment.

4. Entry into the pre-booked parking area

When entering and moving around in the car park the Customer must follow the instructions provided in the Pre-Booking as well as any instructions presented when entering the parking area. In all unclear situations, the Customer shall contact Aimo Park customer service. Contact details for customer service are controlroom@aimopark.fi and phone number 0204812410.

5. Cancellation of the pre-booking

The Customer has the right to cancel a Pre-Booking at no charge until twelve (12) hours before the booked starting time of the parking. In case of cancellation made later than above referred, Aimo Park will not refund the payment made for the Pre-Booking. Guidelines for cancellation are included in the booking confirmation.
For consumer customers, the absence of a wider right to cancellation is based on Chapter 16 Section 16 Subsection 1(11) of the Consumer Protection Act (38/1978), which provides that there is no right of cancellation in distance sales where the agreement relates to leisure service and requires the service execution at a certain time.

6. Aimo Park’s liabilities

Aimo Park shall have no responsibility for damage, theft, or burglary of the vehicle. Aimo Park shall not be liable for any indirect or direct damage to vehicles as a result of parking, entering into, moving within or leaving the parking lot, or for any third-party actions, and shall therefore not be liable for any damages unless otherwise required by mandatory legislation.

If, due to a force majeure event no parking space is available for the Customer regardless of the Pre-Booking, Aimo Park shall not be obliged to refund the payment made by the Customer. Force majeure event shall be deemed to include unusual and unforeseeable circumstances which affect the parking, are beyond the control of Aimo Park, and against which it would have been unreasonable for Aimo Park to take precautions and which Aimo Park cannot avoid even by using its best efforts.

Aimo Park attempts to keep the content of its mobile and online services as up to date as possible. However, Aimo Park shall not guarantee the accuracy of the content of its mobile and online services at all times. Aimo Park shall have no liability for any direct or indirect damages, losses or costs resulting from the use, or interpretation of its mobile and online services, or for any technical problems related to the mobile and online services.

7. Processing of personal data

When making a Pre-Booking via the Satamaparkki.fi online service, the Customer must provide the following personal data to Helsingin Satama Oy: email address and vehicle registration number. The Privacy Policy of Helsingin Satama Oy is available at Satamaparkki.fi webpages. By making a Pre-Booking, the Customer specifically agrees to allow that Helsingin Satama Oy will disclose to Aimo Park the personal data it has collected.

The parking areas are barrierless and therefore camera monitoring or other automatic vehicle registration identification is used in the area for access tracking when a vehicle enters or leaves the parking area. The processing of personal data by Aimo Park is described in Aimo Park’s Privacy Policy available at https://www.aimopark.fi/fi-fi/tietosuojaseloste/.
The card payments are provided by Nets Oy and in order to pay the Pre-Booking, the Customer must provide credit card information to Nets Oy.

8. Other terms

Aimo Park has the right to amend these Special Terms at any time. The amendments will take effect immediately and apply to Pre-Bookings made after the amendment.


9. Contact information

Aimo Park Finland Oy
Business ID: 2208141–1
Address: Kuortaneenkatu 7, 00520 HELSINKI
Phone: 0207812410
E-mail: controlroom@aimopark.fi