Aimo Share car sharing



To start

1. Go to

2. Enter the registration code Aimosharing and select JOIN

3. Complete your registration by filling out all of the required information

4. We will review your information – you will receive a confirmation and further instructions by email to the email address provided

5. Start using AIMO shared cars!



Nissan LEAF

3€ / 15min

84€ / 24h

180€ /72h

Tesla Model 3

4€ / 15min

112€ / 24h

304€ / 72h

A shared car for businesses

Forget about kilometre allowances – Aimo Park’s new car sharing network is a monthly service where you do not have to log the driving hours separately for each employee.

Aimo Share for businesses

Why choose car-sharing?

With a car-sharing, you save a lot of money by not having to worry about the costs of buying, maintaining and repairing your own car. With Aimo Share shared cars, you can park and charge free of charge at all our locations. You can access cars from y

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Aimo Share rental terms and conditions

View the general rental terms and conditions here

Shared car rental terms and conditions

Additional costs

View the terms and conditions pertaining to potential additional costs here

Aimo Share additional costs