What does the law say?

Aimo Park has agreed on parking control and collection of parking control fees with the owners or keepers of private parking areas. The driver of the vehicle accepts these terms when parking in the area. The terms for parking are always visible on the signs at the parking areas.

Private parking control

Aimo Park’s traffic wardens have been selected from a large number of applicants. We are constantly training our traffic wardens so that they could do their jobs at the parking areas of our customers in the best possible way. Our traffic wardens do regular rounds at the areas we control and work in uniforms marked with the Aimo Park logo.


Parking control fees issued by Aimo Park

A parking control fee based on private law is issued by Aimo Park to vehicles parked contrary to the parking terms. The parking control fee is €40–60 and €80 in the Helsinki city centre.

A parking control fee issued by Aimo Park is not a fine or a parking ticket based on public law imposed by a municipal traffic warden. It is the right of the owners of private parking areas to set contractual terms for parking in their own area.

A parking control fee based on private law is a claim based on a breach of contract. Anyone failing to observe the set parking terms is guilty of a parking error and breach of contract. A reminder will be sent on unpaid parking control fees prior to collection. After collection, an order to pay will be petitioned from a district court for outstanding claims. After an order to pay has been issued, the claim can be recovered in enforcement.