Improve your competitiveness by offering electric car charging

As the number of electric cars is growing, more and more people are looking for parking places where they can easily and conveniently charge their vehicles. This means that charging stations play an increasingly important role in the services of many shopping centres.

Worthwhile investment

An electric car charging station contributes to the positive company image. It indicates that you are keeping things up to date and take care of the needs your customers and the environment. It is also an investment that will bring many benefits.

  • Employee satisfaction and productivity. Offering electric car charging stations at the workplace improves employee satisfaction and commitment, which may also lead to better productivity.
  • More customers. When you offer the charging service, customer may choose your company due to the environmental responsibility aspects. This will open up new business opportunities and grow your clientele.
  • Improving the company image. The electric car charging station proves that your company is a forward-looking and environmentally-aware organisation which wants to be a pioneer in sustainable development. This contributes to the company image and can grow your business.
  • Competitiveness. Many experts foresee that electric cars, which are becoming more and more common at a fast pace, will replace the traditional petrol and diesel cars in the near future. Your company can be a pioneer in this trend and, thereby, receive a competitive advantage.


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All charging solutions from us

We offer electric car charging solutions from needs assessment to the actual use, for all sizes of parking areas. Our service model is a risk-free solutions in the midst of the electrifying traffic transformation. We implement the charging station installation and commissioning safely and in accordance with the requirements through our turnkey service. We take care of everything – from charging devices to customer service. We install, upkeep and maintain.

You can purchase our service directly or through the convenient maintenance leasing solution that includes financing. The maintenance leasing solution offers you peace of mind during this rapid technological development, as you can update your devices at the end of each contract period.


Easy and carefree – Aimo Charge

  • Smart charging devices: Reliable charging solutions with load management from leading manufacturers (Ensto, EvBox, Garo).
  • Clear usage pricing is agreed with you and smooth user-specific payment of charging with the Taskuparkki app.
  • Operation of the charging station: Our expert team offers comprehensive services from installation to maintenance of the charging station – regardless of manufacturer. Our system is compatible with almost all charging stations, allowing for flexibility and a wide range of useful charging solutions.
  • Reliable use: 24/7 use support provides help and guidance.
  • Quick response to fault situations.

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