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Taskuparkki is a mobile application designed to make the daily lives of our parking customer easier.

With the application, you park in outdoor areas managed by us, manage the parking rights of your company, share parking capacity with a larger user group within the company or even drive into our parking facility. 

The idea behind Taskuparkki is an application that allows you to manage everything related to parking at home, at home and while shopping. With the Taskuparkki app, you can charge your electric car at Aimo Charge charging points and easily find monthly parking permits and buy parking with just a few clicks!

Taskuparkki is a payment service that we can offer to an event organiser for the duration of the event, allowing the handling of charges for event parking. This means the end of arduous cash parking fees and you will no longer need employees to charge the motorist entering the area.

Download the app for free on Android and iOS phones and join over half a million Taskuparkki users!


Here you park with the Taskuparkki app! See all locations on map.

See all locations on map.



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Contact Taskuparkki customer service

Taskuparkki has its own customer service to serve the users of the application.

The customer service will help you with any questions you may have about Taskuparkki, from downloading the application to fault situations. We always strive to help and sort out situations well with a customer-friendly approach. You can contact us both by phone and via e-mail during our extensive opening hours.

Taskuparkki customer service

Tel. +358 207 812 461

E-mail: taskuparkki@aimopark.fi


Our opening hours:

Mon–Fri 07:00–21:30

Sat 09:30–19:30

Sun 11:30–19:30

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