Welcome to Aimo Park residents' parking - your own haven of parking peace!

Resident parking permits give the resident the right to reserve and use a parking space in a specific area. It provides exclusive parking rights in a residential area, easing parking problems and ensuring parking peace of mind.

The right can be obtained for a fee. Resident parking rights are area-specific and are intended to serve the parking needs of residents in residential areas.

To obtain a resident parking permit, you must live in a property in the parking area.

The parking spaces of your housing company will appear in the Taskuparkki app if we have your email address. If your housing company is not listed in the app, please contact the Residents' Parking customer service. See below for Aimo Park's resident parking locations.

The price of a resident parking permit

The price depends on the area, type of parking space and vehicle emissions. In 2023, the price will be between 20€ and 130€ per month.

  • You can pay by card.
  • Resident parking permits are valid for one month at a time and are automatically renewed.
  • If you wish to terminate your permit, you can do so by filling in the form on the website or by emailing asukaspysakointi@aimopark.fi

If you change your car, you must inform Aimo Park of your new registration number. You can do this by email or in the Taskuparkki app if you have redeemed your permit there. You can also terminate your resident parking permit by turning off automatic permit renewal in the Taskuparkki app.