This is how you use the charging station

Easy-to-use Aimo Charge charging stations offer you fast and semi-fast charging around Finland. Our network is constantly expanding and you can find our charging stations at, for example, shopping centres and car parks.

You can choose between the Type 2 or CCS charging connectors which suit for most electric cars. Our charging speed varies between 22 kW and 180 kW – you can choose the speed that fits your car. Our fastest high-power chargers are not suitable for all cars.


This is how you do it:

Start charging.

  1. Connect the charger cable to the charging station and vehicle.
  2. Start the charging with your Taskuparkki app. The cable will be locked into place.

Stop charging.

  1. Stop the charging with your Taskuparkki app. The cable will be released.
  2. Disconnect the cable from the vehicle and charging station.

Time-based invoicing will continue until you stop the charging through the app. Please remember to pay the parking separately in accordance with the valid price list.


You can manage your charging easily through the Taskuparkki app and the payment is charged from your card.
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Aimo Fast Charge 180kW Helsinki Stockamnn

Fast Aimo Charge charging stations

At our fast charging stations, you can charge your car much faster than at normal charging stations. Check the Aimo Charge fast charging stations:

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Taskuparkki has its own customer service to serve the users of the application.

The customer service will help you with any questions you may have about Taskuparkki, from downloading the application to fault situations. We always strive to help and sort out situations well with a customer-friendly approach. You can contact us both by phone and via e-mail during our extensive opening hours.

Taskuparkki customer service

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Our opening hours:

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