Our vision

In 2019, Aimo Park acquired all of Q-Parks operations in Finland, becoming the leading parking company in the Nordics. And we continue to build from a strong legacy.

Q-Park was established on the Finnish market back in 2006 through the acquisition of Carpark. Two years later, the name was officially changed to Q-Park and the new company profile was implemented in car parking facilities across Finland.



Aimo Park leads the way of technical development in parking facilities. Never has it been easier to use our services through digital solutions and connected devices. Something that will enrich the lives of both our customers and clients. We always have a service minded approach, working actively on quality development and control. Aimo Park places its focus on:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Mobility
  • Sustainability
  • Innovation

It’s time to Rethink Parking. Through innovation, and by always putting people first, we want to refine our customers’ parking experience. Something made possible by introducing new mobility solutions and providing game changing services that will make people’s everyday life easier. Living up to our promise that we will do our part in the transition towards smarter, and more sustainable, urban areas.



Aimo Park's vision is to become the preferred and most recommended mobility partner in the Nordics. Were we, together with our clients, becomes a vital part in the transition towards smarter urban areas and more sustainable transports – introducing new mobility solutions, providing reliable quality parking and simplifying our customers everyday life.


Business focus

Aimo Park is a full-service company within the parking sector. By letting Aimo Park take over responsibility for parking operations, property owners, housing cooperatives, municipalities and county councils, we give clients time to focus on their core activities. We help our clients to:

  • Optimize and signpost their parking area.
  • Plan terms and rates for parking.
  • Perform risk assessments.
  • Rent out parking spaces and manage permits.
  • Refer customers to our service functions.
  • Monitor and maintain parking facilities.
  • Investigate and handle parking situations.
  • Market parking facilities.


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Aimo Park’s mission is to create parking facilities of top quality with modern technology and mobility in mind. We invest and develop parking facilities through innovation, sustainable growth and attractive parking environments.