Control room - Voice behind the info-button

The Aimo Park Control Room (QCR) is a service centre serving the whole Finland. Control Room serves as a quick help for customers in problem situations. We serve customers with issues related to payment, entering and exiting. We advise customers on the correct routes or how to find their car in the parking facility.

QCR personnel has a direct connection to our field personnel and, if necessary, they can call help on site if the problem cannot be solved by them. QCR handles 250,000 calls from our facilities annually. When customers need assistance, they can contact us from all pedestrian doors, payment machines, entryways and exits. QCR’s response time for those in need is about 6 seconds, so help is near and immediately available.

When is the car park open on Midsummer? What if I cannot find my vehicle? Why is the barrier not opening? I am here in aisle P1H, can you come and help? Can I access the pharmacy through here? I dropped a black leather glove, have you found it? The payment machine outside did not provide a ticket, what do I do?

QCR personnel has been trained to serve customers, know the facilities and solve problems. We want to serve our customers, which is why we have invested in training our personnel to solve various problems.

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Control Room is a service that we also offer to external operators. If you have a parking facility and are considering how to improve your customer satisfaction, we are happy to help.