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Aimo Park Easy is intelligent and innovative platform that revolutionizes parking management by offering an easy and fast solution. With automatic license plate recognition, parking flows smoothly without barriers and tickets. Convenient and flexible payment methods also speed up your parking experience.

Aimo Park Easy uses ANPR technology (automatic number-plate recognition) to identify license plates when vehicles enter and exit the parking area. Dual cameras ensure precise information about both the front and rear of the plates by capturing and comparing multiple images of each vehicle's movement to ensure the best reading results.

Through displays, we can communicate information about available spaces in the parking area and license plate details that have been detected upon arrival and/or departure.


Payment methods

Flexible payment methods ensure easy and fast parking. You can choose one that suits you best:

  • Automatic payment through our mobile app (Taskuparkki)
  • On-site payment at payment machine
  • Post-payment through website (
  • Billing (we add 5€ billing fee)

In addition, you can purchase various parking products in advance that fit your needs. For example, you can get monthly permit for parking or activate company billing. We also offer various compensation products for purchases and visits, such as time compensation.


Easy, worry-free and fast.

Aimo Park Easy


Web-based permit management

Aimo Park Easy enables easy and cost-effective management of digital parking permits. You can create, edit, and cancel permits online at any time. Using the Aimo Park Easy permit API, the entire process can be automated, saving time for both parking operators and tenants. You can choose from various parking permit structures that suit your needs. Ask for more information.


Reporting and monitoring

Reporting and monitoring provides you with a real-time view of parking. You can track parking events, number of vehicles, payment methods, parking durations, and other essential information. You can also receive automatic alerts and share information with your stakeholders. 


Cost-effective and customer-friendly

Aimo Park Easy is cost-effective but also environmentally friendly parking solution. It enhances your brand and customer satisfaction. Moreover, it is easy to install and maintain. If you are interested in the Aimo Park Easy service, please contact us, and we will provide more information. Aimo Park Easy is a parking solution that fits everyone.

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