Parking control for residential complexes

Are the residents tired of seeing the same cars parked in visitor spots day after day? Are you in need of parking control for your residential complex? Let Aimo Park's parking control services help. You can outsource the entire parking control process to us. We will comprehensively assess the parking control needs of your residential complex, from surveying the area to implementing signage. We monitor visitor spots, disabled parking spaces, as well as paid parking spaces.


Benefits of parking control for residential complexes 

  • Preserves safety by preventing cars from blocking emergency routes
  • Improves residents' enjoyment of common areas
  • Ensures stricter adherence to parking regulations
  • Allows children and residents to move freely and safely within the premises
  • Prevents exhaust fumes from entering the building's ventilation system
  • Provides clear parking guidelines


Parking control for residential complexes means, in essence, that parking rules will be enforced. Visitor spots will be available for their intended use, and parking durations will be closely monitored. The practice of "reserving" public spots will come to an end.

About our parking control

Aimo Park's parking attendants regularly patrol our areas, ensuring compliance with parking regulations. Our attendants drive identifiable Aimo Park vehicles. They follow private property principles when conducting parking control. Our attendants are trained to ensure that parking conditions are met. Additionally, our area supervisors maintain cleanliness and accessibility within the controlled areas.

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