Parking control for commercial properties

Parking control for commercial properties is suitable for business owners, lessees, property owners, or event organizers.

We have extensive experience in providing parking control services for parking lots, parking areas, shopping centers, hospitals, events, hotels, and other leisure centers. The aim of our parking control for commercial properties is to make parking safe, clear, and accessible for our customers. As a partner of Aimo Park, parking on your property will be conducted in accordance with the rules. Easy access to your commercial property for customers will attract more visitors and encourage them to stay longer.


Benefits of parking control for commercial properties

  • Compliance with parking time limits
  • Management of employee parking permits
  • Accessibility of yard and loading areas
  • General safety


We also offer parking management services for contract parking. As a business owner, lessee, or event organizer, you can choose to manage the parking spaces on your commercial property yourself.

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