Collection point service

May we take care of your shopping? Finland’s first collection point service covering an entire shopping centre in Shopping Centre AINOA. Whether your purchases are big or small, as a customer of the AINOA collection point, you can leave your shopping at the checkout of any shop.

Customers can concentrate on enjoying their day unburdened as our professional personnel takes responsibility for the purchases until the customer picks them up from the AINOA collection point. The employees of the AINOA collection point base their conduct on high customer satisfaction and exceeding customer expectations.

The collection point of Shopping Centre AINOA is Finland’s first collection point covering an entire shopping centre. So you can leave your shopping at the checkout of a shop and, half an hour later, your purchases will be waiting for you at the collection point on level P2 of the shopping centre. You can pick up your purchases in one go at the end of your shopping trip – a separate parking area for loading has been reserved in front of the collection point for this purpose. Our employees base their conduct on high customer satisfaction and excellent customer service.

We have storage space for furniture as well as refrigerator and freezer facilities for food shopping and delicacies.

Aimo Park has built a concept together with the shopping centre designed to facilitate running errands in the shopping centre and attract customers to stay for longer. You no longer need to carry your shopping as you can leave them at the checkout of a shop and we will handle it from there. The collection point also serves the online shops of retailers and you can choose the collection point of the shopping centre as your pick-up location when you shop. This makes daily life easier as you can collect your online purchases while on a shopping trip.

Opening hours of the pickup desk
Mon-Sat 11.00-19.00
Sunday: closed

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If you would like more information about the service or are contemplating a solution for the services of your own shopping centre, please contact us and we will see how we can help you.