Control fee

Why have I received a control fee?

  • Section 15 of the Constitution of Finland on the protection of property protects the rights of private property owners. Derived from it are provisions in Chapter 2, Section 28 of the Finnish Road Traffic Act and Chapter 2, Section 4 of the Off-Road Traffic Act that prohibit parking motor vehicles in a private landowner’s property without permission from the property owner.
  • Parking regulations put forward by a private property owner are alleviations to existing legislation regarding unauthorised parking.
  • In a charged parking area, the parking prohibition is only revoked for the period for which a parking fee has been paid.
  • When an obligation to display a parking disk is valid, the parking prohibition is only revoked if a parking disk is displayed, and only for the period that the property owner has permitted free parking. The allowed parking duration is always clearly shown in the signs in the area.
  • The parking prohibition is only revoked when parking inside a marked parking slot and when the person parking the vehicle meets any other conditions put forward by the property owner. Other conditions may include terms, such as an obligation to lease a parking slot or an obligation to display a parking permit provided by the property owner.

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