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These special terms and conditions (“Special Terms”) apply to Aimo Park Finland Oy’s (“Aimo Park”) online and mobile parking space reservation service (“Reservation Service”). In addition to these Special Terms, Aimo Park’s general terms and conditions (“General Terms”) and instructions given by Aimo Park from time to time shall apply. You may familiarize yourself with the General Terms online at www.aimopark.fi . By using the Reservation Service, you agree to the General Terms and Special Terms. The use of the Reservation Service without accepting the terms is expressly forbidden.                 

The expressions used in these Special Terms shall have the same meaning as in the General Terms unless a certain expression has been specifically defined to have an alternative meaning in these Special Terms.


The Customer may reserve a parking space for their car at certain parking areas operated by Aimo Park (“Reservation”). The Reservation shall be made through the Taskuparkki application or Aimo Park’s website. An Agreement between Aimo Park and the Customer regarding the Reservation Service shall arise when the Customer has made and paid for the Reservation. The Reservation shall enter into force when Aimo Park has confirmed it.

When the Customer has received the confirmation of the Reservation, Aimo Park shall provide the Customer with a parking space for the time period and parking area specified in the Reservation. The car may be parked in any available parking space at the selected parking area, unless it has been specifically marked for other use. It is not possible to reserve a certain parking space.

1                        Making a reservation

When making a Reservation, the Customer selects a parking area, the time and date for the parking and its duration. The price of the parking shall be determined by the selected parking area and duration.

When the Reservation has been paid, Aimo Park shall confirm the Reservation through the Taskuparkki application, or by sending a confirmation to the e-mail address and/or cellular phone number provided by the Customer if the Reservation has been made through Aimo Park’s website. If the Customer does not receive a confirmation, they should contact Aimo Park’s customer service in order to confirm the validity of the Reservation. The customer service contact information may be found at www.aimopark.fi .

The Customer may interrupt the Reservation at any point before payment.

2                        Pricing and payments

The prices for the Reservation are declared in Euros (EUR) and they include value added tax.

The price declared at the time of the Reservation is only valid for the Reservation in question. Aimo Park reserves the right to changes in pricing.

The Customer shall pay for the full parking time when making the Reservation. The Reservation may be paid through the Taskuparkki application or through Aimo Park’s website with a Visa, Visa Electron or Mastercard. Solinor Oy is the paying agent and by using the Reservation Service the Customer accepts Solinor Payment Highway’s terms and conditions as part of these Special Terms. A Reservation which has not been used shall not be reimbursed to the Customer, except in the case described in section 4.

If the Customer drives out of the parking area before the end of the parking time, Aimo Park shall not reimburse the Customer for the parking time remaining.

If the reserved parking time is exceeded, the Customer shall pay for the excess time in accordance with the parking rates in force. The difference shall be paid through the Taskuparkki application or at a parking meter at the parking area.

Aimo Park endeavors to keep the contents of its mobile and online services as up-to-date as possible. However, Aimo Park gives no warranty of the correctness of the contents of its mobile and online services at all times. Aimo Park is not liable for any direct or indirect damage, loss or expenses caused by the use or interpretation of its mobile or online services.

3                        Running-in to the reserved parking area

The Customer shall follow the rules provided in the Reservation Service and at running-in to the selected parking area when running in and moving about. In unclear situations, the Customer should contact Aimo Park’s customer service. The customer service contact information may be found at www.aimopark.fi .

4                        Canceling a reservation

The Customer has the right to cancel a Reservation free of charge twelve (12) hours before the beginning of the Reservation. Aimo Park does not reimburse payments if cancellations are made later than within the time frame mentioned above. The directions for making a cancellation are provided in the confirmation of the Reservation. The exclusion of a wider right to cancellation for a consumer customer is based on the Consumer Protection Act Chapter 6 Section 16.

5                        Q-PArk’s liability

Aimo Park is not liable for any sabotage on or breaking in to cars in the parking area. Aimo Park is not responsible for any direct or indirect damage caused to the cars when parking or driving in the parking area, or damage caused by actions of a third party, and hence not liable.

If a parking space is not available despite the reservation due to force majeure, Aimo Park is not liable to reimburse the Reservation payment made by the Customer. Any unusual event having effect on the matter, which Aimo Park could not reasonably be expected to have taken into account, and is independent of Aimo Park or the consequences of which Aimo Park could not have reasonably avoided or overcome, is considered a force majeure.

6                        OTHER TERMS

Aimo Park has the right to make amendments to these Special Terms. The amendments shall step into force immediately and be applied to any and all Reservations made after the amendment.


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