Partnership with Q-Park

Q-Park offer a huge range of business parking solutions. 

Q-Park is a fast-growing European parking company. Our successful growth is based on our commitment to overall quality thinking, which is supported by our robust financial background.

Q-Park is an internationally strong brand and known for high-quality parking services. We provide added value for our customers and partners, and together we create a strong partnership with several different organisations while making long-term plans. We understand well the needs for flexible and sensible parking in urban areas, taking into account present-day challenges. Our partners include, among others, department stores, shopping centres, hotels and private businesses.

Q-Park’s parking facilities stand out in a good way. The interior design is easily recognisable and uniform in style. In addition to visually stylish execution, Q-Park’s parking facilities are characterised by cleanliness, safety and a neat overall look. By investing in the renovation, marketing and operational management of its parking facility, Q-Park secures the continuity of the financial and technical operating conditions of its parking facility.

The increase in the number of parking customers in our target audience also means improved attractiveness of your company’s office and increased value of your fixed assets.

Q-Park’s advantages include

  • Long-term investment
  • Operational excellence
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Responsible operations

Q-Park is continuously looking for real estate suitable for parking services. It is interested in investing in, leasing and managing new as well as existing parking facilities. 

Read more about our partnership models below.



Hospital parking

Q-Park aims to provide tailor-made parking solutions for the needs of the health care sector.

Shopping centre parking

High-quality customer experience starts with parking, the first and last thing that a motorist customer experiences.

Airport parking

For the operation of an airport, it is important that its customers have high-quality parking services available for them.

Park-and-ride for public transport

Adequate park-and-ride service in the vicinity of a railway station has a positive impact on public transport use.

Parking in the city centre 

In the city centre, Q-Park’s multi-purpose facility concept offers a perfect balance between both the needs of different users and access routes.


Taskuparkki is a mobile application designed to make the daily lives of our parking customer easier.

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