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  • Was the permit in a visible location on the dashboard of the car during parking? It would be advisable to attach the permit, for example, at the bottom of the windscreen. If the disabled parking permit has not been visible during parking, it is a parking error. This is how the matter was resolved by the Administrative Court of Oulu in its decision 06.06.2005 05/0251/1. Aimo Park follows this legal usage with decisions.
  • As the time of arrival, the parking disk should be set to display the next hour or half-hour following the start of parking, depending on which is earlier. For example, if the car is parked at 10:15, the disk should be set at 10:30. Once set, the time of arrival may not be changed. The main principle of the parking disk is that it is used only when it is mandatory.
  • Our traffic wardens take a photograph of each car that is issued a parking control fee. When a motorist files a complaint about a parking control fee issued to him or her, we investigate the photographs taken of the car and resolve the complaints received based on them. We then prepare our reply to the complaint. Complaints are processed carefully with a fair outcome as the goal.
  • We process complaints in the order of arrival. The processing time for complaints is about 1–2 weeks.
  • The complaint must include the reason/grounds for the complaint, reference number, car license plate number, date of issue of the parking control fee and contact details for sending the reply
  • After submitting your complaint, it is not necessary to pay the parking control fee until you have received our written reply.
  • A parking control fee issued by Aimo Park is not a fine or a parking ticket based on public law imposed by a municipal traffic warden.

    It is the right, based on private law, of the owners of private parking areas to set contractual terms for parking. The terms are clearly indicated on the signs placed in the area by Aimo Park and, in cases of residential parking, also on the parking permit issued to the lessor.

  • Section 28(2) of the Road Traffic Act states that parking in a private area without permission from the property owner or keeper is prohibited. When parking in a private area, the motorist is also obliged, based on the ban decreed in Section 28 of the Road Traffic Act, to determine the parking terms valid in the area. By signing a parking control agreement with us, the property owner authorises Aimo Park to control parking in the area. In this case, Aimo Park has the right to carry out parking control in the area controlled by the customer. Parking areas are fitted with signs indicating the terms for parking, and the parking terms on these signs must always be observed.

  • Unpaid invoices undergo a normal reminder and collection process. After that, an order to pay will be petitioned from a district court for outstanding claims. After an order to pay has been issued, the claim can be recovered in enforcement.

    The parking control fee is collected in accordance with the Debt Collection Act according to good collection practices. In the last resort, the claim will be collected with legal action taken in a district court. You can avoid collection charges by paying the parking control fee by the due date.

    Aimo Park has signed an agreement on a payment reminder service and parking control fee collection with Svea Perintä Oy. Unpaid parking control fees are forwarded to them for collection.

  • You can appeal a parking control fee by filing a written complaint with Aimo Park. If you are unsatisfied with the written reply you received from Aimo Park, you can seek advise from a municipal consumer adviser and/or refer the matter to the Consumer Disputes Board.


  • If you are logged out and have lost or forgotten your password, you can request a password change link to your e-mail by clicking the “Forgot your password?” link in the application’s login window. You will receive the link to your e-mail in a few moments. The link is valid for 24 hours. If the link does not work for some reason or more than 24 hours have passed since the link was ordered, you can always reorder the link.

  • After downloading the phone application and signing up, you will be able to log in to the application. You can add payment card information in the “My account” (Omat tiedot) tab – this is required for parking fees.

    You can get started with parking by either using the search function to find the parking area, or if you have enabled location data, Taskuparkki will identify the parking area you are in when you open the application.

    By clicking “Start” (Aloita pysäköinti) and then selecting the desired payment card, you can confirm parking in that parking area. Upon leaving, click the red “Exit” (Poistu, Lopeta) button. The application will then end your parking and the parking fee will be charged automatically from the payment card provided. You will receive a receipt of the transaction to the e-mail you have provided.

    A monthly permit allows you to park in the area in question within its opening hours without separately starting parking. The monthly permit is valid for 30 days at a time and, if your card settings allow it, will be renewed automatically. You can disable this renewal in the “Parking permits” (Pysäköintiluvat) tab.

  • Please check that you have the latest update to the application. If the application or its buttons do not respond, close the application and restart it. If you do not see the parking permit you want or the problems persist, please contact our customer service! We will be happy to assist you.

    Tel. +358 207 812 461

    E-mail taskuparkki@aimopark.fi

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  • If you use guest or single visit parking, you can add or change your license plate number before confirming parking. If you have a monthly permit, you can change your license plate number for the parking area from the “Parking permits” (Pysäköintiluvat) tab. Select the desired monthly permit and you will be able to change the license plate number linked to the permit by clicking the grey pen icon next to your license plate number.
  • If you receive the message “An error occurred, please try again later” (Tapahtui virhe, yrittäkää myöhemmin uudelleen) when purchasing a permit, this may be due to an expired payment card, a funds provision problem or a temporary disruption in the charging system. Please pay for your parking in the area by some other means, and if the problem persists, contact our customer service. We will be happy to assist you!

    Tel. +358 207 812 461

    E-mail taskuparkki@aimopark.fi

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