Q-Park as a company

Q-Park owns and operates parking facilities and controls the parking areas of properties in the largest cities in Finland. We have skilled and trained personnel providing service at our parking facilities and customer service. This ensures customer satisfaction in our service chain.

Q-Park has a strong position in Western Europe and we are one of Europe’s leading parking companies. Our head office is located in Maastricht, the Netherlands, where operations began in 1998. Q-Park has operations in ten different countries in Europe, including the UK, France, Belgium, Germany, Sweden and Denmark. We currently operate about 6,300 parking facilities with more than 870,000 parking spaces. Q-Park launched in Finland in 2006. Our mission is to improve quality of life by providing safe and clean parking facilities at strategic locations. Our operations are based on the professional skill of our personnel, customer satisfaction and sustainable finances.

Our operations combine functional architectural solutions, easily recognisable, uniform interior design, robust business competence, certified quality management systems and service-oriented personnel.

Customer satisfaction is the main factor guiding our operations. Consequently, we need to renew ourselves all the time and take care of the continuous updating of our personnel’s skills. This ensures that our operational expertise is always one step ahead of the others.

Q-Park renovates existing and creates new parking facilities in co-operation with municipal authorities. They all reflect Q-Park’s distinctive brand and provide high-quality services and products tailored to different customer needs.

We select the locations of our parking facilities carefully. To support our decisions, we use portfolio analysis and uniform investment profitability calculation software. Our operations are centred on multi-purpose facilities located in city centres as well as parking units operating in connection with railway stations, hospitals and airports.

Partnership with Q-Park
Q-Park is a fast-growing European parking company. Our successful growth is based on our commitment to overall quality thinking, which is supported by our robust financial background.

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