Parking control for private properties

Aimo Park offers parking control for private properties

With its operations, Aimo Park strives to make parking easy and trouble-free. Private parking control keeps disabled parking slots available for the disabled, emergency access routes clear, running errands in business centres effortless and residential parking in order.

Aimo Park offers parking control for private properties

Aimo Park’s contractual partners include several of Finland’s largest property owners and shopping centres. The services are also used by parking companies and housing cooperatives.

What causes parking problems?

  •   The number of cars increases annually, but parking spaces are not built at the same rate
  •   All motorists do not acquire a parking permit but park without permission on private land
  •   Customer parking spaces are used incorrectly
  •   The time limits of parking areas are not followed
  •   Disregard increases parking on emergency access roads and in courtyard areas


Who decides on parking control?


The property owner decides on the parking control of the area. The decision is usually made at a meeting of the board of the real estate or housing company. If you wish, you can either request the presence of a Aimo Park representative or request a quote for starting the service.


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