Information point

Data bank of the shopping centre

Where can I find the nearest toilet? What restaurants do you have here? Do you offer cobbler services? I cannot find my car in the car park, what do I do? How do I turn off the flashlight on my phone?

Whatever the question or request, we always try to help customers as best we can. The information point service provided by Aimo Park benefits both the shopping centre and the visitor as the information point’s knowledge will reach from the shopping centre all the way to parking. Seamless co-operation with the car park personnel and the Aimo Park office ensures that the information point really is the data bank of the shopping centre. And what we do not know, we will find out!

In addition to information, the shopping centre information point offers gift vouchers and lost property services. We also take care of overall comfort and provide assistance to event organisers.

By operating on site, we are able to serve customers more fully in co-operation with Aimo Park’s other personnel. Whether you have a question about the shopping centre’s services, events or parking, you will receive an answer from the information point with Aimo Park as the service provider.

If you would like more information about the service, please contact us and we will see how we can help you.

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