Aimo Park Easy – the new era of parking

At the Aimo Park Easy parking facilities, you can drive in and out without stopping, as there are no barriers. Your parking is further accelerated by easy and flexible payment methods. 

The use of a Aimo Park Easy parking facility is based on automatic identification of your car's registration number. As you arrive and leave, a camera recognises your car, and the parking time is determined based on the time your car was in the parking facility.

Easy, worry-free and fast.


Mobile app

Our Taskuparkki app is the most convenient way to use Aimo Park Easy parking facilities, as the parking fee is charged automatically from the payment card added to the app.


Payment machine

You can also pay for the parking before you drive out by entering your car registration number into the payment machine and following the instructions on the screen.


Web application

You can also set up your Taskuparkki account and automatic payment info in the web application.



We will send you an invoice by mail if you have not paid for your parking using the above-mentioned methods. An invoicing fee of €5 is added to invoices.

Read more about the Taskuparkki app at

Online Payment Methods
American Express