Q-Park as a company

Our mission is to improve quality of life by providing safe and clean parking facilities at strategic locations. Our operations are based on the professional skill of our personnel, customer satisfaction and sustainable finances.

Q-Park's operations

Q-Park owns and operates parking facilities and controls the parking areas of properties in the largest cities in Finland. We have skilled and trained personnel providing service at our parking facilities and customer service. This ensures customer satisfaction in our service chain.

Parking control for private properties

Q-Park’s contractual partners include several of Finland’s largest property owners and shopping centres. The services are also used by parking companies and housing cooperatives.

Partnership with Q-Park

Q-Park is a fast-growing European parking company. Our successful growth is based on our commitment to overall quality thinking, which is supported by our robust financial background.

Q-Park is growing – come join our team!

The parking industry has changed radically – thanks to our modern methods and acclaimed service culture. And now we have work just for you.

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